The covid19 testing and treatment was handled under government control since the outbreak occurs in Myanmar. The government has now allowed Pun Hlaing Hospital in Yangon to start covid19 testing and treatment of patient on December 24.

Pun Hlaing Hospital in Yangon is one of the best international hospitals in Myanmar. It is only Joint Commission International (JCI, USA) accredited hospital which has the international gold standard award for quality care and patient safety. They are also the first private hospital to be allowed to perform the covid19 tests.

For the covid19 test booking, aware24 partner in Myanmar @feti’a assistance can assist patients to make the bookings. Pun Hlaing hospital is also managing covid treatment centre according to the MOHS guideline. They allocate the suspected patients in the separate building which is designated only for covid treatment centre and have the covid testing centre in the same building. This building is also isolated from the main building in order to secure for non-covid patients.

They are currently performing the test mainly for domestic flight traveller, contact person with covid19 positive patient, the person who has signs and symptoms and the specialist recommendation. If the result is positive, they will provide the treatment to the patient according to the MOHS guideline. To be noted that the test can be done upon confirmation on appointment