Myanmar had been hit hard by the third wave of Covid-19 in the last few months. As of 30th October, Myanmar had reported 500,0773 positive cases and 18,697 deaths. Since then, Myanmar junta have issued Covid 19 preventive measures and launched a nationwide vaccination program starting from August prioritizing the targeting groups like health workers and senior citizens.

The regime was likely to reopen the middle and high school in this early November and so they are planning to jab the student population. The regime-controlled newspaper said they are planning to vaccinate adolescents (students aged over 12) with Sinovac vaccine.

The vaccinated population in Myanmar till 30th October as follow:

  • Total vaccinated person – 13.24 million out of total population 55 million
  • Fully vaccinated – 7.05 million
  • First-jab vaccinated person – 6.19 million

In some regions, priority group includes hotel and guesthouse staff with the purpose of boosting tourism industry. According to the Ministry of Health, 50% of the total population is expected to get vaccinated at the end of this year.

Myanmar has already received a total of 18 million doses of vaccines till 23rd October, including two million doses of the Covishield vaccine, 14 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine, and two million doses of Sinovac vaccine.