FETI'A ASSISTANCE Often working in the shadow of bigger insurance or assistance companies, we are their messenger. For them, we transfer or fly patients to the nearest medical facility. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE

OUR VISION & values

Delivering proximity assistance and personalized care to patients and members when they need it the most. Bringing value to the assistance business by showing that presence matters.
  • Presence

  • Professionalism

  • Simplicity

  • Agility

  • Innovation

OUR mission

We provide assistance solutions to expats, travelers and locals. No company or organization is too small for us. We encourage mobility in the region and we are an active member of the tourism industry in the countries we operate in. We fill the gaps of emergency assistance delivery as a unique point of contact to improve case coordination, reducing delays in critical timeframes. Committed to the development of local capacities, we help local providers and medical professionals grow.



Seh Nwee Paw

“They are very professional, reliable and efficient in their work and results. We really appreciate their smooth communication, knowledge in Insurance Sector”

Customer Service Manager at Parami General Hospital

David Cléro

“Further to a first positive experience and collaboration with Poe-ma Assistance, Feti’a has been endorsed to be the Correspondent of the International Assistance Group in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, after having followed our stringent selection process, . We appreciate being able to count on their local implementation and knowledge of the country from the inside to be able to deliver assistance services to the Core Partners of the International Assistance Group when they have cases in this region.”

Quality & Network Coordinator - International Assistance Group

Roda V.

“With much enthusiasm, I would highly recommend Feti’A Assistance as well-established and very professional with their case handling management. I really enjoyed working with Alex and Sofiane during the contract negotiations and RFP. They have been very helpful and accommodating to all the request, thus they have my highest endorsement. Good luck and all the best Feti’A Assistance!”

Regional Manager - AXA Partners

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