Tazaungdaing Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated nationwide in November and it is held for 5 days. The festival is famous for its celebrations all over #Myanmar and although it is basically a religious festival, everyone enjoys this special occasion. During the festival, weaving competitions to make the traditional yellow monk robes known as matho thingan are held throughout the country. The competitions are held for two consecutive nights, the night before the full moon and the night of the full moon. The contestants weave throughout the nights to produce the garments offer to the monks and pagodas. Also, people offer thousands of candles and flowers at the temples and pagodas. Another tradition of the festival is the release of hot air balloons. Taunggyi, a northern city in Myanmar celebrates the most prominent hot-air balloon festival. Taunggyi’s hot air balloon competition is very famous not only among locals but also with foreigners. Locals prepare their balloons up to six months prior to the competition, spending a great deal of time and money on decorations including fireworks, lights and painting. People from across the country come to enjoy the stunning views of the festival. As per the traditional saying goes, eating Siamese cassia buds salad (Melzali Salad) at midnight on Tazaungdaing will get you amazing medicinal benefits. Unfortunately, this festival will not take place for this year due to the #covid19 pandemic. However, our team in Myanmar @Feti’a assistance remains available 24/7 to provide assistance and support during the festival.