The Government of Myanmar released a Strategic Roadmap for #Tourism Recovery that aims to establish to helping the tourism industry recovery from #Covid19 in the ‘new normal’ conditions. Minister of Hotels and Tourism provided guidelines for implementation of the plan which includes three phases:

Survival: Relaxation of taxes; waving the license Fees; postponing the rental fee; providing the loans; Access to free online training course for tourism professionals and staff; destination management and market assessment.

Re-opening: Short-term plan, setting SOP for staff and travelers; conduction paid training program; re-operation of destinations in accordance with national guidelines; Marketing for new normal situations; promote ecommerce platform and digital payment.

Relaunching: Long-term plan, promote public relation; communication and marketing campaign; Travel facilitation including Visa relaxation; Zone fee relaxation; restricted area mitigation; Incentive program for investment. This phase focuses on re-launching and will be implemented within six months to a year and includes launching new marketing campaign and a long-term plan of reinventing Myanmar tourism.

The government also announced extension of temporary entry restrictions for travelers from all countries until 31-Dec-2020.  However, #Myanmar International airport terminal remains operational for the special relief flights.