On 1st February 2021, Myanmar Military had seized the power in a coup under a state of emergency set to last one-year detaining Myanmar’s de facto leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the President and other democratically elected leaders. TV and radio channels stopped broadcasting and all the telecom companies cut phoneline and internet connection in this day.

The Burmese citizen protest against military coup in Myanmar by banging the pots at 8:00 pm starting from 2nd Feb to until now. The banging of cooking posts is a Myanmar tradition to ward off evil spirits. Now the banging of cooking pots become a symbol of opposition to the military dictatorship. And the protester against the military coup in cities and town across the Myanmar and demanding military to honour of election result and to release the detained leaders.

Then civil disobedience campaign was foremost by the medical workers and now getting involved all the government staffs in different ministries whose intention is to cease the administrative machine.

At the moment, our aware24 Myanmar office remains operational despite the military coup and providing the service by phone rather than by email as internet access is not guaranteed for 24/7. Our colleagues in Laos are also the momentarily taking over the monitoring of our mailbox.